Burlap Wedding Details

Burlap wedding via Magnolia Rouge

Ah, burlap. How I do love thee! Maybe it’s the farm sacks connotation or the rough texturing or the colour, but nothing says rustic like burlap (or hessian to some readers). And nothing says rustic chic like burlap contrasted with lace or pretty crockery, or a chandelier. It shouldn’t work, because they’re so different, but it just SO DOES.

I am pretty much burlap crazy, and I’ve been wanting to do a roundup for ages. I knew the moment had come when I saw this fabulous wedding, where they went as far as to have burlap ties for the groom and his guys. Cute, right? But burlap pretty much makes everything cute. Tables, bouquets, bunting! If you’re planning a farm or country-style wedding, it’s definitely something to consider. In fact, I’d say it’s a bit of a must have for rustic brides. For best results in an elegant setting, utilise its potential for contrast or as a tactile or unexpected element. Here are some of my favourite ideas…

Cover your tables in burlap
This is where I’m seeing the most burlap and it works brilliantly. Not only does it immediately make your tables rustic, but it makes for  relatively cheap tablecloths. You can also have burlap mats or table runners if you don’t want to go the whole hog. My favourite is the printed runner for that extra farm-like touch which you can customise with your names, etc.

Sources (clockwise from top left): burlap overlay with lavender accents; printed burlap mat; full burlap tablecloth; burlap runner with cross-stitch table number; printed burlap table runner

Use burlap to wrap your bouquet
Again with the contrast. Burlap not only makes a useful and durable but also chic wrap for bouquets. Jewellery or lace increase the contrast between utilitarian and dainty.

Sources (clockwise from top left): bouquet with horseshoe pin; bouquet with lace and cameo pin; bouquet with lace and fabric flower

Incorporate burlap into your decor
Don’t limit yourself to tablecloths and bouquets. Burlap adds a pretty twist to the rest of your decor too (just be sure not to overdo it!).

Sources (clockwise from top left): burlap pot plant table numbers; burlap-wrapped mason jar; burlap light swagging; burlap curtains; burlap and herb seat adornments; easy burlap wreath

Use burlap for signs and bunting
Can anyone say un-freakin’-dorable? I love burlap bunting, and that is all there is to it. Hang it as part of your decor, drape it along a dessert table, or simply string it out between you and your husband in the couple shoot.

Sources (clockwise from top left): Sweets with burlap bunting in background; heart bunting; Just Married ruffled sign; LOVE bunting; Just Married flags

Get creative
Burlap can also be incorporated as part of other wedding details – favours, bridal party attire, ring pillows, etc. What fun new uses can you come up with?

Sources (clockwise from top left): Burlap favour bags with rustic heart detail; burlap sweet favours; burlap hair piece; burlap ring pillow; DIY burlap favour bags; burlap and wheat boutonniere

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