Five beach wedding ideas I’m loving…

One of my best friends is getting married later this year, and originally the plan was for a beach wedding, so for the last few weeks I’ve been poring over sandy celebrations around the world, looking for great ideas. Their venue’s changed, but many of you will still be in search of inspiration, so as part of the Cap Classique Beach Week I thought I would share five of my favourite ideas with you!

1. Pinwheels

Pinwheels are an emerging trend in weddings at the moment, and they do add a really summery, whimsical touch, which is why they’re perfect for beach weddings! You could hand them out to guests before the ceremony, plant them in sandboxes and write names and table assignments on them, include them in your table decor, have your bridesmaids carry them, or just use them as fun props for your photos. But my absolute favourite is these giant pinwheels planted on the beach by South African Elsje Designs. Use them to mark out your aisle, or dotted around the ceremony area.

2. Shell escort cards

Images: Martha Stewart, crescentmoonpaper on Etsy, The Knot

Much as I like table charts, I get excited when I see a great escort card table. They’re just another way to add personality to your wedding, and something really fun for your guests. There are tons of ideas for beach escort cards out there, but sometimes simplest is best, and I really like these examples using shells. Easy, pretty, sorted.

3. Ice cream bars

Oh I love, love, love this idea! What could be more beachy than an ice cream? And what could be more fun as a post wedding (or even late night) snack than an ice cream buffet, complete with sprinkles and dips? This one will really be something your guests remember.

The amazing pics above all come from Eat Drink Chic, and you can find loads more details and instructions there.

4. Message in a bottle

This could be super cheesy, but done right, it’s charming. The message in a bottle concept could be applied to invitations (if you’re hand delivering or have a small number of guests especially), place settings, even a variation on the traditional guest book. The escort card table idea above is from – I love the assortment of vintage bottles, and you could include a personal note to your guest in each one.

5. Sand ceremonies

Unity candles are pretty established as a great way to include your family in the ceremony, and to represent the merging of two lives into one. But an alternative that’s becoming popular that is perfect for a beach wedding is the sand ceremony – where each couple (or family) pours sand into a vase, symbolically merging the grains of sand so they can’t be separated again. There are lots of versions of the ceremony – have a squizz online to find one you like – and lots of kits you can use with coloured sand. I much prefer the idea of using the real thing, especially if it comes from two places that mean something to the bride and groom, but even plain beach sand would work.

Don’t forget to pop back later when we’ll be featuring a Beach Week bonus – a second gorgeous beach wedding! This one is super elegant and personal – you won’t want to miss it!

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