Guest Posting on Tendance Fourmis

I’m guest posting up a storm this week! Today I’m over on the AWESOME French blog, Tendance Fourmis, as part of the lovely Julie’s series posing the thought “If tomorrow I was getting married I would…” Since I’m definitely not getting married tomorrow (unless, of course, I do a Tara Reid while I’m in Greece – one just never knows!) my post is all about some very very special people in my life: my friends. I love how a wedding can also be an opportunity for bonding with your girls, and I wanted to celebrate that. Plus, I am SUPER excited to be on an international blog (where Julie has translated my rough English to smooth as silk French. I feel sooooo sophisticated, darlings!). Rush over and show us some blog love.

PS I’m off to Greece this afternoon, but I have posts lined up to keep you company all week, so see you back on Monday!

Image: Monica Dart

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