Inspiration Board: Butterfly Blue

Happy Monday folks, and welcome back to Cap Classique! As regular readers will know, I had my parents out from South Africa for a visit last month and one of the fun things my mom and I did together was to head to the Natural History Museum to see the butterfly exhibit they have on at the moment. I’d been to something similar in New York years ago, and I wanted her to experience it. The setup is that there’s a marquee tent (all very humid to recreat ideal conditions, with all sorts of plants etc.) and there are just hundreds of butterflies flitting around inside it. You walk through and can see them and sometimes they decide to land on your hand or clothing. It’s really quite special, particularly if you love these beautiful insects, as I do. One of my favourites was the Blue Morpho, which is such an incredible blue colour, and I’ve been wanting to include it in an inspiration board ever since. Because the colour is so striking, it could be too much on its own, so I’ve combined it with a range of other blues, greys and silvers to get a sort of ombre effect. I think it’s so soft but also very glamorous, especially with the addition of gorgeous white anemones. I’d love to see this wedding brought to life!

Colours: Blue, grey, silver

Topw row (l-r): Candlesticks; rings and keys (erin hearts court); anemone wedding cake; mercury glass votives
Row 2: Anemone bouquet (Silvana Di Franco); blue morpho butterfly; page boy with nest (Jose Villa); butterfly programmes; table setting (Ritzy Bee/Keith Cephus)
Row 3: Chandelier (Joanne Dunn Photographers); bride in ruffled dress  (Silvana Di Franco); shoes (Cakes and Kisses); bridesmaid with anemone bouquet (Leo Patrone)

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