Inspiration Board: Dawson’s Creek

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m back after a fabulous weekend – seems like we’ve almost skipped spring here in London and moved right over to summer (I just hope that doesn’t mean we accelerate on through to autumn in a few weeks!).  My Dad (who’s visiting at the moment) and I decided to take advantage and play tourist with a couple of day trips – one to Windsor (just to check in with Wills and Kate about their wedding plans, of course!) and one to Portsmouth, which might be one of my new favourite British cities. There’s something about being near the water that makes me so happy!

Today’s board was inspired by much the same feeling of long summer days and endless freedom, and sitting on a dock trailing your toes in the water. It reminded me a bit of Capeside, where the fictional Dawson’s Creek was set, and which I always thought looked like an idyllic place to grow up. Wouldn’t it be great to capture the carefree feeling of long school holidays in an outdoor picnic wedding? I picture this as a super-relaxed gathering by a lake or dam, with little kids running around and the laughter going on late into the night under the stars. Look out for bridesmaid dress options all over the place at the moment with pretty summer prints and soft cottons. Sigh. I love summer.

Colours: Beige neutrals with a dash of red

Top row (l-r): Girl on dock; daisy bouquet (Weddings by Two); jam favour (Brinton Studios); bride & groom on bicycles
Row 2: Sweet tea; bride and groom in rowboat; ice cold cokes (Mandy & Stephanie); paper bags with fruit; picnic utensils; mason jar bag
Row 3: Little chapel (Holland Photo Arts); mason jar lanterns;floral patterned bridesmaid dress; dock with lights (Kristen Loken).

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