Inspiration Board: Midnight in Venice

Good morning friends! I won’t ask how your weekend was, because if you’re South African (or English, or Irish, or Argentinian indeed), I’m guessing at least part of it was pretty depressing. I won’t start talking about the rugby, because then I’ll get all mad again and have to go out for another punishing run like I did at 7.30am yesterday so that I didn’t wake my housemates up walking around the house banging things and cursing. BOO. To cheer me up, I’ve let my mind wander away on one of my favourite fantasy journeys. I love Venice, and I’ve been with two separate boyfriends (neither of whom bothered to take me on a gondola ride, pff), but I have always wanted to go during Carnavale. It’s so different to other carnivals – the cold weather for one, the masks, the intrigue, mist rising off the canals… Combine that with a pastel blue/green that’s very of the moment and a bit of sparkle, and I think you have a gorgeous wedding inspiration! Sigh. One day…

{Psssst! Don’t forget to come back later to meet our fab new real life bride! I love proposal stories. :) }

Colours: Soft aquamarine, pewter and gold

Top row (l-r): Girl with mask (Heather Louise Photography); dresses; pale aqua gown (I can’t find my source for this anywhere – please help if you know!)
Row 2: Venice; girl with mask (Aleksandra Marjanovic)

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