Inspiration Board: Will We Have Rainbows?

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was pretty chilled, drinking wine with some lovely friends (Did you know you could get ORANGE wine? As in coloured, not made of. And it’s delicious!) and looking for a new flat – wow, but London has got expensive. :( Anyway, I’m kicking off the week bright and sunny with today’s board. Rainbow weddings are all over the blogs right now, and I think it’s such a cute trend that I just had to make a board. I imagined a fun and relaxed farm-style wedding, with colourful wildflowers, hay bales for the ceremony seating, and wooden signs. You could have so much fun with a dessert or drinks bar – get yourself some Bashews sodas, some multi-coloured sweets and are you not dying for this rainbow cake? It looks so normal on the outside, but cut into it, and it’s insane! I love the idea of the floating bottles above a buffet table and then having different stations serving roosterbrood, braai/BBQ, etc. with long wooden tables for the guests to sit down at with their food. And of course, fun guest entertainment like croquet, boules and badminton. It would be like going to the funnest braai ever. Of course, a key to the rainbow trend is having your bridesmaids in different coloured dresses, preferably all the colours of the rainbow  (remember, ROYGBIV, or Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain as I was taught!) but because this look is a bit chaotic and bohemian you can really bring colour in anywhere. Have multi-coloured bunting, or origami cranes, or streamers, or lanterns, or ribbons – go wild with colour and enjoy it! What do you think of the rainbow trend? Would you rock it for your wedding?

Colours: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!

Top row (l-r): Hanging bottles buffet table (Jonathan Ong); rainbow bouquet (Our Labor of Love); rainbow table setting; flowers in tin bucket
Row 2: Fun & games (St Clair Photography); braaibroodjies (Lizelle Lotter); rainbow lollipops (Three Nails Photography); colourful drinks (The Other Angle Photography)
Row 3: Rainbow bridesmaids’ dresses (Three Nails Photography); rainbow cake; hay bales with colourful quilts (Juniper Photography)

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