Inspiration Board: Summer Orchid

Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to the blog on this fine Monday, which I have off from work thanks to the bank holiday in the UK. I loooove bank holidays, even if the weather invariably sucks (and true to form, today it does). I will be spending it on all things blogging, starting with this little inspiration board. I started off looking for pictures of green cymbidium orchids to pair with navy blue, and ended up going with a pretty berry purple instead, together with white and grey. I love how they look together, don’t you? This would be perfect for spring or summer and could work in a variety of venues, although one of the wine farms would be my preference. Is this a colour combination you’d consider?

Colours: Berry, chartreuse, white and grey

Top row (l-r): Cymbidium bouquet (Allen Arrick); shoes (Kara Schultz); cake pops (Limelight Photography), lanterns (Jose Villa), bride (Eternal Reflections Photography)
Row 2: Place cards (Stephanie Rhea); ring dish (Kim Ashford); parasols (Sara France), modern grey invitations
Row 3: Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dress; cocktails; aisle with petals (Kristen Weaver); cymbidium orchid boutonniere (Joy Marie Photography)


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