Karen Tran Workshop Cape Town

It’s funny how every niche has its own celebrities – the names you find yourself whispering with awe at networking events, or that get an automatic click through when they pop up in your newsfeed because if they’re involved, you KNOW it’s going to be beautiful. In wedding world, Karen Tran is definitely one of those names, and since I’m always thrilled when South Africa connects with the wider industry, I was delighted to hear that she was coming to Cape Town to conduct a masterclass this month. I’m so sad that I won’t be able to make it, because no question, it is going to be amazing!

Karen’s style is very much on the luxurious, opulent end of the floral spectrum – think Kim & Kanye style floral walls, huge centrepieces bursting with blooms, and breathtaking installations. Her workshops, The Floral Experience, have taken place in some of the world’s most glamorous places – Portofino, Bali, Paris… and now Cape Town. (That makes me feel proud, no?)

As well as the master class, two other luxury wedding industry events are due to take place from 23-25 November. The first is a networking event, Inspire!Cape Town, will have Karen as the keynote speaker, and also include a number of local industry legends, including our own SBB Luxury Directory member Christina Holt of Wedding Concepts. There will also be an intimate dinner party in the Taj’s Reserve – fine dining, beautiful gowns courtesy of Kobus Dippenaar, and the results of the master class for all to appreciate. It sounds amazing!

As a sneak peek, here’s a few pics from Karen Tran’s recent workshop in Venice…

For further information please visit www.yes-events.info, and to purchase your tickets click here.