Love Celebration

So here’s a little something lo-tech about me: I love filofaxes. I mean, yes, I’m basically attached to my iPhone and yes, I have a bunch of apps on there for To Do lists and organisation and yadda yadda, but if you ask me, when it comes to planning there’s nothing more satisfying that writing something by hand, or checking it off your list in a neat little book. (OCD fact: I totally draw check boxes next to all my To Dos, just so I have the satisfaction of ticking them off. Weird, I know.) So if I was planning my wedding right now, I know what I’d be looking for is one place to keep everything, that I can pop into my handbag and be ready with whenever the bridal muse strikes. Tada! Enter Love Celebration, a wedding planner created by the team especially for South African brides.

Here’s some of the cool stuff the hardback ringbinder includes:

  • Eco-friendly info
  • Hot tips – new ideas and handy hints
  • Downloadable and editable budget, table seating plan, vendor contracts, and so on, from the website
  • An entire section on touchy issues (such as dealing with step-children or difficult in-laws)
  • Online scrapbooking templates
  • DIY ideas and instructions
  • A honeymoon section.

Sounds awesome, and it makes a fantastic engagement gift for one of your friends as well as something useful you’ll be able to keep yourself long after your big day.

I’m sure you’d like to know more, so head over here, where the Love Celebration team have created a little preview for you to see what you can expect to find inside your file.

To buy your own copy, head to the Love Celebration website, or contact the team on +27 (0)21 671-2311 or by email at [email protected] You can also follow Love Celebration on Facebook.