Love vs. Design + Max Wanger {Save the Dates}

I’m an absolute sucker for all things paper, so imagine my delight when a package all the way from Los Angeles dropped through my door last week full of quirky, beautiful stationery! (My housemate’s reaction: “howcome you always get fun stuff in the mail, and I just get bills?” I just smiled, smugly.) I’ve been a big fan of the modern vintage style of Love vs. Design for a while now, so I was thrilled to discover they had teamed up with one of my fave international photographers, Max Wanger, to create this stunning range of card and postcard Save the Dates. Max’s pictures have so much personality and also tend to use a lot of negative space, which made them absolutely perfect for this collaboration, and the result is just delightful. Of course, you can also customise the cards with your own pictures, and either way, I predict these will be gracing the fridge doors of friends and family for a long time after your big day, since they’re just too special to throw away. Take a look at the designs below, or head over to the Love vs. Design website, where you’ll find a fun little video!


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