Pretty Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Using Paper and Print

Are you getting that Friday feeling yet? Almost there! But before you head off into the wild blue yonder (or just the pub), I have something special for you. Guest posting today is Storm Buckingham – a lady who is relatively new to the wedding scene as a supplier, but has just graduated as a bride (and what a lovely wedding that was, too!). I adore the whole idea of her business, which provides custom wedding newspapers for favours (, but I also love that Storm GETS IT in terms of my personalisation manifesto. She gets that the details of your big day are all there as an expression of the love between two people, and the story that got you there. She definitely gets that it has to be pretty! And today, she’s sharing some of her experience and ideas in making things personal with paper and print. I LOVE this post! Thanks, Storm!


When it comes to our wedding, all brides want a day that is special, meaningful and unforgettable. We want the day on which we join hands and hearts with the love of our lives to reflect the one-of-a-kind relationship which we share with our betrothed.

Recently married, I discovered a few secrets to easily creating a magical, whimsical day which reflected the honest, fun-loving spirit of that love that my husband and I share. I began obsessively reading wedding blogs and magazines for unique wedding ideas, and soon realized that if it can be printed, it can be personalised!

This simple, but highly effective truth allowed me to add gorgeous finishing touches to every aspect of our wedding day, which communicated just how special the presence of each and every guest was.

Custom Gift Inscriptions
Our ceremony was held outdoors during the hottest month of the year. We presented the ladies with handheld parasols to provide additional shade, using a ribbon to fix an inscription to each, displaying the guest’s name and a wish for the ceremony printed on stationery that consistently matched our wedding colour: “Join us as we bask in the heat of love’s gaze, and give our hearts as shelter until the end of days.”

TIP: If you don’t fancy yourself a wordsmith, consider including a line from a favourite movie or song to add a personalised touch to your wedding stationery. The result is just as effective, and your guests will adore the personal touch.

To-Die-For Wedding Newspaper Favors
Our wedding venue provided accommodation for our guests to spend the night, and catered a breakfast for us all the next morning. I secretly arranged for a surprise wedding newspaper to be hand-delivered to each guest as they arrived for breakfast at the restaurant the morning after our wedding. Needless to say, our guests were absolutely blown away when they realised what they were seeing! The four-page custom wedding newspaper from featured our wedding as the headline-story. The A3 newspaper was filled with interviews, articles and photographs gathered from our friends, family and guests. It made a keepsake that was both meaningful to us as a couple and a lot of fun for our guests! We also posted copies to overseas friends that could not attend our wedding, and they were delighted. This gorgeous unique wedding favour is now a special piece of history that we will be able to show our children and grandkids in years to come.
TIP: No two News Favors are alike! Brides can order these fab one-of-a-kind wedding favors online by contacting [email protected] to enquire.

Personalized Photo Guest books
The third item we custom made for our own wedding was the guest book. We designed a 24-page photobook filled with photographs which told our love story in pictures. The guest book contained pictures from our very first weekend away as a couple, photographs from overseas travels to Thailand and the States, and ended with our favourite photographs from our engagement shoot. We provided a space for messages from our wedding guests on each page, and created customised pages for our family and wedding party to write on, complete with photographs of them, too. As a finishing touch, we inserted quotes and verses from songs and poems that we loved. Our wedding guestbook was very well received by our guests as it gave them an opportunity to be visually reminded about our love story, and was a really fun way to add a personal touch to what can otherwise be a rather last-minute item.
TIP: These divine photobooks are easy to customise yourself and can be ordered from your local Kodak, or online from a range of different photobook sites.

As brides we’ll happily go to great lengths to add special touches which we hope will make our wedding distinct, magical and memorable – have fun making the most of print and paper to personalise your special day!

All photographs by Drikus Le Roux

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