Sunday Sweetness

I don’t usually post on a Sunday, but when I came across this little gem yesterday, I couldn’t resist! I’ve mentioned the World’s Smallest Post Service before, because their teeny tiny letters and packages just give me such a thrill. I’ve always loved miniatures (my favourite school trip was to Mini Town, and you should have seen me when I visited Queen Anne’s doll’s house at Windsor Castle) and the idea of receiving tiny mail really gives me a kick. Then I saw these tiny wedding invitations!!!!!

The set Lea made included tiny invitations with a little vintage typewriter on the front, little airmail envelopes and even a teeny map. Everything you’d normally expect in an invitation, just in mini. So stinkin’ cute.

Just look at them! I can’t stop. I love them! The couple also had a unique RSVP system (in a separate little envelope) where guests had to send them a red or a blue button to indicate whether they were coming to the wedding or not. And no surprise, their friends absolutely loved them. I know I’d be pretty stoked to get this in the post, and it’s definitely an invitation I wouldn’t forget.

I’m trying to think of the perfect person/excuse to send my own tiny parcel, but in the meantime, I can’t wait to see what Lea comes up with next.

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