Swan Wedding #11: The Cake

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so the wedding cake is definitely something to be carefully considered! Oh, and I have folders filled to the brim with pictures and inspiration of these mouth-watering beauties. I must admit, I LOVE the cheese platter cake trend and it looks gorgeous, but how can it be compared to the likes of white chocolate ganache, moist chocolate mousse or red velvet?! And of course, the decorative opportunities are endless, which makes my itchy little wedding stationer hands twitch in anticipation!

I am sure you have all seen the incredible work by Annari from Nelle Cakes  (if you haven’t where have you been?!) and I’m thrilled we’ll be working with her to create our perfect wedding cake! Her style is at once delicate and boldly playful, sophisticated yet fun and I have been in love since the very first moment I saw them.

Source: Nelle Cakes

Oh and her cupcakes! I just want to eat them off the screen, they look so yum!

Source: Nelle Cakes

It all got me thinking about what I really REALLY want. My tummy and my designer brain had a bit of a tiff, I mean, just look at all these ideas! We have paper cut out toppers, colourful wooden hearts, paper hearts and beautiful marzipan magic.

Source: Colourful heart topper; XO topper; heart balloon; paper hearts

Then when we just brush the surface of cupcake heaven we find doily cupcake holders, awesome individual bride and grooms (which totally has my heart!) or these cute as a button heart decorations. I also found this super DIY cupcake decoration website called ticings which helps you self-decorate work-of-art-cupcakes. Rush over to the website to see for yourself! Ah, and the wedding stationer’s downfall… cupcake flags… AWE.SOME.

Source: White and green cupcakes with paper doilies; Mini bride and groom toppers; cupcakes with hearts; cupcakes in individual boxes; pink and green cupcakes with toppers; donuts.

Next time: Anelle finally reveals her wedding stationery!

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