15 Free Printable Save the Dates

In the world of wedding stationery, Save the Dates serve a really useful purpose. They mean you don’t have to worry about sending invitations too early (a tough call when, for example, you may not yet have nailed down your style or budget) but equally, they mean your guests have plenty of notice to make sure they can attend your wedding. So kind of a win-win. Of course, lots of brides and grooms these days send their STDs (worst wedding acronym ever) via email, which is a great budget and environment saver. But maybe you’d like to send something tangible, to get your guests excited for the celebration to come. Here’s the good news – while of course getting custom STDs created by your stationery designer is awesome, there are also loads of gorgeous (and free!) printable Save the Dates available online, whatever your wedding style. So today I’m rounding up 15 of my favourites. Just click the links to make it happen (and if you’d like to know more about wedding stationery timelines, see our feature).Read More

Wedding Invitations & Stationery Timeline

Before we round off our Friday afternoon (yay, Friday!), it’s time for a bit of practical planning advice. There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding, but one question I get a lot is about when to send invitations, and when/if to send Save the Dates. So I thought I would compile everything into a simple guide and quick (pinnable) reference.Read More

20 Creative Save the Date Ideas

Hello lovelies! It’s FRIDAY! We love Fridays. Whatever you have planned, here’s hoping you have a fab weekend. And here’s wishing our American friends a happy July 4th! Today I’m rounding up 20 creative ideas for save the dates, to spark your imaginations for your very own STDs. (Yep, most awkward wedding abbreviation ever.) While many people often feel that an actual invitation should be relatively traditional, the Save the Date is a chance to go a bit off the map, play with your theme (or just your personalities) and surprise and delight your guests. Think 3D, texture and fun. Of course, we love electronic STDs too, but if you’d like to do something tactile, here are 20 of my all-time favourite ideas, each of them guaranteed to get your guests excited about the nuptials to come. Yay!

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A Bride Abroad #4: The Stationery

They say the Devil’s in the details. I love love love the details. If one looks carefully, it is precisely the little things that make a wedding unique. We all have a version of the usual formula: a dress, a ceremony, a reception and then dancing till the lights go out. A wedding wouldn’t really be a wedding without these things. But it’s the little bits of prettiness captured in the DIYs and personal touches that make people go WOW!

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Love vs. Design + Max Wanger {Save the Dates}

I’m an absolute sucker for all things paper, so imagine my delight when a package all the way from Los Angeles dropped through my door last week full of quirky, beautiful stationery! (My housemate’s reaction: “howcome you always get fun stuff in the mail, and I just get bills?” I just smiled, smugly.) I’ve been a big fan of the modern vintage style of Love vs. Design for a while now, so I was thrilled to discover they had teamed up with one of my fave international photographers, Max Wanger, to create this stunning range of card and postcard Save the Dates. Max’s pictures have so much personality and also tend to use a lot of negative space, which made them absolutely perfect for this collaboration, and the result is just delightful. Of course, you can also customise the cards with your own pictures, and either way, I predict these will be gracing the fridge doors of friends and family for a long time after your big day, since they’re just too special to throw away. Take a look at the designs below, or head over to the Love vs. Design website, where you’ll find a fun little video!Read More

Travel-inspired Wedding Details

**UPDATE: Looking for fresh travel themed wedding ideas? Read our latest roundup here.**

One of the mini-trends I’ve noticed popping up in quite a few weddings lately is the use of travel-inspired details. As a keen traveller myself, I love this, especially the way so many couples are using it to bring more of their histories and personalities to the wedding. It might be something as simple as naming tables after places they’ve been, but there are also lots of very cute and creative ideas coming through for making travel even more of a central motif, especially when combined with a vintage vibe. Here are some of my favourites. I’ve grouped them by the different wedding elements, but many of the ideas can be adapted to other parts of the wedding, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make this trend your own if wanderlust is something you and your partner have in common. And while you’re at it, why not have your guests contribute to your honeymoon as an alternative to the gift list? The Wedding Gift List Registry can do this for you in South Africa.

Save the Dates & Invitations

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Swan Wedding #4: The Stationery

I really LOVE wedding stationery. Like really really.

I believe that the stationery is one of the most important elements of the wedding. Not only is it the grand introduction for your guests as to what to expect, but it just ties all the loose ends up to make one big designery whole. At Seven Swans  we like to call it the ‘magical ribbon’. Few other wedding elements can communicate your theme and style to your guests quite as well as your invitations do. Mostly because it consists of so many things: your colour palette, perhaps the patterns you like, images or a motif, tone, fonts, choice of wording… all of these communicate something very specific, making the stationery the big meeting place of all your ideas.Read More