The Love List {16 July 2012}

Happy Monday afternoon, friends – hope your week has kicked off to a fabulous start! I didn’t have a chance to post my favourite finds on the weekend, but I figured rather late than not at all, so here they are now. So much awesomeness coming out of Blogland at the moment!

  • If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll already know that I’m  DYING over this Ndebele-style cake. I must have one. Excuse to throw a party with a big cake, anyone?
  • Lovely farmer’s market wedding/engagement inspiration, including a very sassy bouquet. Wish I’d had it for this board.
  • Y’all know how much I love Italian weddings (second only to South African ones, of course), so I immediately loved this Italian inspiration shoot, especially when I found out they’d used actual pasta to hold the flowers! Not just novel, but genuinely pretty.
  • I adore the work of Skinny laMinx, so I was thrilled to see these lovely wedding set-ups. I would LOVE to see a real bride use this linen.
  • What a sweet way to use a chandelier!
  • The stationery at this wedding literally blew me away.
  • Love the travel-theme details at this wedding. This theme just runs and runs.
  • This wedding was all about stylish simplicity, and I fell in love with every chic iota of it.


You know how much I love a good personal theme done well, and this couple managed to pull off not only a multicultural fusion (I adore the bright Indian-style palette!) but also to make a fun theme out of their shared profession (medicine). There were so many creative ideas here – a cross motif, a ‘waiting room’ where guests could write their ‘prescriptions’ for married life, sweets inside medicine bottles at every place setting, a medical-themed ‘sugar coma’ dessert station, gauze-wrapped votive candles… the list goes on. So creative, and so fitting for the couple! And that, as you know, is what I like. ;)


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