The Love List {22 July 2012}

The longer I’m alive, the more convinced I am that the fates (or whatever) have a sense of humour. There I was on Friday reading something about how, if you have any fears in life, you should confront them. And I thought: “mice”, because I am crazy afraid of mice in a completely irrational panic attack kind of way, and then I thought: “yeah right, not confronting that fear”. Because confronting it would mean having something to do with mice. And that makes me want to claw my own eyes out. Well, not two hours later, one of the cats decided to bring a mouse into the house, and I had to put on my big girl panties and suck it up and get out there with a broom and get the little guy out of there. I won’t lie to you, I screamed a LOT. But I dealt with it. And I learned two things. One, that poor mouse was just as scared as I was (but had a better reason) and two, I am braver than I thought. Sometimes in life, you just need to be thrown in the deep end to remember that. Whatever the deep end is for you. For me, it’s mice. Anyway, that was my philosophical moment. We still have a cat and mouse problem, and I still have a phobia, but hey ho. Makes life interesting, right?

Speaking of making life interesting, here’s the stuff that made life interesting out in the blogosphere this week…

It had to be this lovely intimate rustic celebration. Such a great use of watercolour/ombre/dip dye here, mixed up with bouquets to die for, wildflower and other natural accents, and carpets (such an inspired touch). Hearting indigo as a key colour too. I love original decor, and this is definitely it.


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