The Love List {29 Jul 2011}

Woohoo! Friday! I was supposed to be moving today, but now Steve, aka the Man with a Van, is coming on Sunday so I have all weekend to get my pack on and didn’t have to resort to throwing everything into black bags. But apart from the stress and the admin and the outlay of moving, you guys I can’t WAIT. Okay, I am leaving my beloved Putney. And okay, I am losing my London postcode (even if where I’m moving is TOTALLY inside London borders, I checked!). But I am gaining to lovely housemates with two little kittens, and the cutest little suite of rooms just for me including bedroom, dressing room (OMG, seriously), en suite bathroom and the one I’m most excited about (only a blogger really understands this I think!), my own office. I have big plans for that office, and lots of plans for this here blog which have been going on in the background this week and I can’t wait to share everything! But not yet. For now, you’ll have to content your good selves with my best of the web from this week.

  • The sweetest bouquet, don’t you think?
  • My new favourite escort card idea for travel-themed weddings
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these downloadable butterflies for a hello! Lucky-style wedding procession from newest South African wedding blog I Want That Wedding
  • I didn’t think I could love Jose Villa more. Turns out, I can. These Egyptian themed images… wow.
  • How cute is the concept of a vintage beach bridal shower? So much you could do with this.
  • Definitely not the last we’ll see of these marbled balloons from the BHLDN party this week.
  • A little left of centre here… but I am a huge fan of Slinkachu’s Tiny People art (check it out here, so fun!). How cute would it be to bring them into your centrepieces, DIY style? Cray cray or adorable? What do you think?

I’ve decided to nominate one of these as part of the Love List from now on, and here’s today’s courtesy of the awesome Emma Case. Wedding dress, signage, bridesmaids’ dresses, escort cards… Oh, I just love everything about this awesome hipster wedding!

And finally, here’s a wrap up of the awesomeness on the blog this week…

Have an awesome weekend, lovelies!

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