The Love List {12 Nov 2011}

Happy weekend friends! Hope you’re having a lovely time! I’m having a chilled one, catching up on the work I couldn’t do this week when the power was out and cuddling up in this winter weather we are suddenly having. And tomorrow, I get to go along to a shoot organised by the lovely Louise of Bijoux Bride – you’ll have to wait to see what she has in store, but if you’re like to see some of her styling handiwork, check out this fab Art Deco shoot she posted this week. I absolutely love it!

It’s been an awesome week on the blog, with at least one special announcement I am still glowing about. Here’s more things that I’ve loved on the web this week…

  • What a clever way to commemorate your wedding song (and justify all those hours you spent listening to iTunes and arguing about it?)
  • This beach wedding is just gorgeous, in shades of aqua and pink. (Psst, if you like it, check out the Aqua & Rose suite from the brand new Cap Classique Stationery Range for your wedding. Yep, I totally just took an opp to plug it. But I’m so thrilled with it, how could I not?)
  • Autumn wedding? Love this inexpensive idea for votives.
  • I’m dying over these hanging artichokes with roses. DYING.
  • If you’re doing vintage and want to display family photos, this simple DIY is perfect.
  • Brilliant advice on making the most of your honeymoon photos.
  • Simple and free, these clever rustic wood placemats just blow me away in their amazingness. I love creative couples on a budget!
  • WOW. Now here’s a favour. The talented groom created framed art for each guest, tied it with twine and placed one at each setting. Can I be a guest and get one, please?

Keeping it local, this Cape Town wedding from our friends at The Pretty Blog has everything you could want. Team Bride and Groom badges, congrats flags, doily bunting, bendy straws on a lemonade stand, paper flowers and OMG THAT DRESS.  Be still my pretty wedding lovin’ heart.

And finally, here’s all the goods from Cap Classique this week!

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We have lots more to show on the blog next week, but have a great Saturday night meanwhile!

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