Vintage Market Engagement Shoot

As you know, I like to keep things on this blog pretty Cape Town focused. I’m not even from Cape Town (although I adore it), so this isn’t due to a lack of enthusiasm for the rest of the country, just that the Cape is where a lot of brides and grooms choose to get married, and I think I can best serve you, the reader, by being pretty focused. But some days I come across photographers and other providers in the rest of the country and let out a little wail, because not fair, I want to feature them too. Plus, I know some of you are jazzing to have some of those fabulous people available in the Cape. Well, *whoosh*, the wish fairy has waved her magic wand this morning and granted us a lovely little gift! Today I get to feature the work of Kat Forsyth, who has been making waves down Gauteng way for a while, and whose pictures I know you are going to love.

I just love this engagement shoot so much – it feels so quintessentially Joburg to me. It was shot at 44 Stanley, a real little treasure trove of cool shops and vintage details (and definitely a stop for me next time I’m in town). The location has given the shoot both a laid back, easy like Sunday morning kinda vibe, and a wealth of props for the couple (Karen & Tom) to use. Plus these two are just the cutest – I love how relaxed they look, you can really see they’re having fun with the whole thing. These are the kind of pictures they’ll keep for years, because they’re happy and natural – you can see even more of them over on Kat’s blog.






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