Wedding Hair Cut-out-and-keep: Braids {Part 2}

Hello bride-issimos, hope you’re having a lovely Spring Day if you’re in South Africa (first day of Autumn for those of us here though, BOOOOO). A couple of months ago, we ran a feature on braided hairstyles for weddings and you guys could. not. get. enough. Seriously. Most viewed post EVER, and by a country mile. I’ve had loads of requests for more, and when I’ve seen so many pretty plaited styles showing up, how could I resist? So here’s some more inspiration – just click on the images to open them, then print, cut out and show them to your hair stylist. And be sure to let me know if there’s any other style inspiration you’re looking for at the moment!

Row 1: 1; 2
Row 2: 1; 2
Row 3: 1; 2
Row 4: 1; 2
Row 5: 1; 2; 3
Row 6: 1; 2; 3

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