Swan Wedding #1: The Proposal

I am an absolute wedding junkie. I rush over to the the wedding magazine section at Exclusive Books and my fiance knows all too well to just leave me there for a while. A long while! It is my happy place, as I just soak in all the prettiness, the colour, the excitement and the love on all the faces. There is so much creativity and passion that goes into making someone’s wedding day special and I just revel in it.

My friends could never understand this crazy obsession. I think they imagined me to be one of those girls that has dreamt up her wedding since the age of 16, knowing exactly what her dress, her hair, her shoes will look like WAY before she knew what her groom would look like! But in fact, I am not. Yes, I gasp at the stunning dresses, but I am absolutely fixated by the look in a bride and groom’s eyes. I love the event, the flowers, the table settings and of course, being a wedding stationer I drool over the invitations, the cute little name tag flags and the menus printed on cloth napkins. Oh my, I love it all, and longed to be part of it, but never did I imagine what it would be like was the bride.

But here I am, engaged to the most awesomest boy in all the land and having to reprogram the way in which I look at all those images. Suddenly I have to focus on how the veil is used and what the groomsmen will wear and yikes, my dress?!? It’s hard!

Anyway, I’m running ahead of myself. Let me first tell you a little bit about me and my boy. Dirk and I met about five years ago while at the University of Pretoria. He was dating one of my friends (!) and we lived in the residences next door to each other, which meant a whole lot of bumping into each other at dinner time, sharing music (Dirk, being a musician, is somewhat music-obsessed) and eventually becoming good friends.

It was only much later when Dirk asked me to help him design the cover of his debut album that we really REALLY got to know each other. We became inseparable. Our last days at varsity were filled with a series of nights staying up until 3 AM chatting away, loudly listening to our favourite bands and drinking wine, laughing and relishing being young and carefree. When we realised we could no longer just stay friends, we started dating.

Fast forward a year and half, and Dirk and I have just decided to move back to my hometown, Paarl, where he got a great post as an econometrician (I still have to regularly ask him what exactly it is he does – it’s way over my head!). Amidst resigning and figuring out how this all will work, I get home and there Dirk is sitting in a lounge chair on our veranda, with a pipe in his mouth (remember that awesome scene from the movie Juno where she’s sitting on the lawn with a tiger carpet and entire lounge?). I was caught completely off guard and hardly had time to put my laptop down, when Dirk dropped to his knee, took an engagement ring out of a tictac holder (yes yes, Juno is probably one of our favourite movies!) and asked if I would marry him. Bliss. It was still broad daylight. It was just the two of us, being exactly how we always are. Pretoria was still rushing home after yet another crazy city week and I had been asked by my best friend, if we can share our lives together forever. My answer: “I can’t wait!”.

Next time: Anelle writes about her wedding design and shares her inspiration board with you!