20 Bridal Hairstyles with Real Flowers

These last several seasons, it has been allllll about the floral crown in wedding lala land, and I couldn’t have been happier, because flower crowns combine two of my favourites – gorgeous bridal style and fresh flowers! But this season there’s been another emerging trend – a little more subtle but no less pretty, and I am loving it. Brides have been rocking fresh flowers – in arrangements at the tuck of a chignon, as single blooms pinned behind one ear, tucked into their veil, or even woven into a braid. SO pretty. And with this being our month dedicated to secret garden prettiness, I just had to round up twenty of my faves. Now hands up, ladies – which is your fave?

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Glamorous Red Lip Bridal Style

Earlier this week, we featured a bride rocking a chic red lip, and it reminded me just what an immediate glam-maker a rouge or berry lipstick is. If your Big Day dream is to look more like a screen siren than a fairy princess, then this is definitely the style for you! Whether you’re wearing a slinky Art Deco style dress, a vintage lace gown, or something bold and modern, a red lip has that touch of Old Hollywood and just happens to stand out perfectly, a pop of colour against the white of a bridal gown. So this afternoon, I’ve rounded up 20 absolutely amazing glamorous bridal looks, each of them rocking not just a bold red lip, but immaculate makeup and hair. Go on, dahling – be inspired!Read More

Best of 2014: Bridal Style

Hello lovelies! Yesterday I shared with you our top 20 dresses for the year, and today we’re taking a closer look at bridal style – those little accessories and accents that complete a bride’s big impression beyond the dress itself. And as with their dresses, our brides’ choices have ranged from classical to quirky with everything in between. There has been lots of boho loveliness in particular this year, as well as winter brides in the prettiest capes and coverups. Here are our favourite looks and trends.

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Ballet Buns

Sources: Elizabeth Messina via Wedding Chicks (left); Jonas Peterson via Once Wed (right)

So there I was a few months back working a styled shoot with Sev Hubert of The Hepburn Collection (who happens to be a hair god) and I was having a minor OMG-I-didn’t-know-I-was-going-to-be-on-the-video-but-my-hair-is-just-stuck-back-in-my-go-to-bun freak out moment. And he just sort of looked at me appraisingly and said: “It is fine. A bun is always chic.” And you know what, the man knows what he’s talking about. A bun IS always chic, and never more so than at the moment, where the ballet bun/top knot/high bun has become the hottest style of the season. From sleek to a little messy, piled on top of the head or a little lower, it’s been an unexpected and welcome addition to the bridal hair repertoire, and has featured in some of my favourite wedding looks this year. I thought it was about time I collected some inspiration for you, so that’s what we’re doing today!Read More

Hair Inspiration: The Post-Wedding Haircut

Usually we’re all about the wedding look, but today I thought I would share some inspiration for after the big day. The post-wedding chop is one tradition almost always observed by South African brides (in my experience, anyway!). All those months of growing your hair to get it up into a braid or chignon seems to culminate in a post-honeymoon trip to the hairdressers for a chic shorter hairstyle with which to begin married life. So here’s a bit of hair inspiration for that day after the big day, from our friends the slebs. How short will you go?

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Wedding Hair Cut-out-and-keep: Braids {Part 2}

Hello bride-issimos, hope you’re having a lovely Spring Day if you’re in South Africa (first day of Autumn for those of us here though, BOOOOO). A couple of months ago, we ran a feature on braided hairstyles for weddings and you guys could. not. get. enough. Seriously. Most viewed post EVER, and by a country mile. I’ve had loads of requests for more, and when I’ve seen so many pretty plaited styles showing up, how could I resist? So here’s some more inspiration – just click on the images to open them, then print, cut out and show them to your hair stylist. And be sure to let me know if there’s any other style inspiration you’re looking for at the moment!

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Wedding Hair Cut-out-and-keep: Braids

You know something’s a big trend when you schedule a post on it and in the same week come across a ton more on the same subject. Braids, plaits, whatever you want to call them, are everywhere right now. And I have to say, I’m a little obsessed with this look myself. I’ve been an enthusiastic member of the Braidy Bunch all season, which I thought may have just been a rub off from watching so many Hills episodes, but it turns out is actually all part of the braid zetigeist. And the amazing thing is, this is one trend that has just been building and building and I never get tired of. ESPECIALLY when it comes to wedding hair. One braid, or a bunch of them, just add that extra touch of prettiness that seals the deal on a bride’s look, that extra detail that brings the whole thing home. And I don’t know why, but these babies give you cheekbones. In short, I LOVE THEM. And I thought some of you might be like me. So today, I’m showcasing all my favourite looks from slebs and civilians alike. Click on any image to go to a slightly bigger version, which you can just print, cut out and hand to your hairdresser. Or, if you’re feeling brave, many of them have tutorials on YouTube and other blogs, so get your Google on and start practising.

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