Urban Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

We’re turning for our inspiration today to the city, with an eclectic urban chic vignette straight from the streets of New York City. (Which is especially cool for me, because I’ll be there next week, yay!) Last year, during New York Bridal Fashion Week, Aisle Society threw our second annual party, and the Aisle Society Experience presented by Minted turned out to be the hottest ticket in town! Our bloggers came up with a series of gorgeous themes, from mountain to luxe, and with the help of some very talented wedding pros including amazing stationery from Minted, made each one come to life – quite literally in some cases, as there was a touch of live theatre from the models! So cool. SBB was a small part of the planning of the Hip & Bohemian inspiration, which I’m sharing with you here. Imagine, if you will, that two art students grew up and got hitched, infusing downtown grit and dreamy wonder into a wedding style that is uniquely theirs, with lush floral art wall, cozy lounge – and even a vending machine stocked with wedding favours! I only wish I had been there, but I feel like I was, because I have these beautiful images from Sasithon Photography to immerse myself in!

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Rustic Farmer’s Market Style Wedding Invitations

So, we’ve been chatting this month about farmer’s market slash farm to table slash generally organic and rustic wedding style. We’ve spoken about decor, we’ve spoken about food – but there’s one aspect we haven’t touched on yet at all. Paper! Yep, stationery for a wedding with this theme is as much fun to think about as ever! I had a little wander around Etsy and Minted, two of our faves, and I found some suites that I think you guys are going to LOVE. Some feature produce like fruit or vegetables, some cultivate that farmhouse table feel, and others are just generally rustic and gorgeous. So whether you’re planning a full-on farmer’s market theme, or just want a feeling of farminess (not a word, but whatevs) in your invitations, you’ll find something here.

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Minted Invitations (plus 10% discount for all readers!)

Well, here’s a little something to cheer up your Monday afternoon. You may have come across Minted invitations before (I know I’ve featured quite a few of them in my inspiration boards) and if you have, you’ll know that they have some of the most awesome stationery around. What makes Minted special is that they hold regular design challenges with winners chosen by the community and sold through the website – the result is that they not only represent a global community of independent designers, but that the Minted collection is always fresh and relevant. It also makes great design accessible for a reasonable price – for example, I just ordered business cards for my freelance editorial work from Minted that cost me very little, but will really stand out from the crowd (can’t wait to receive them, eek!). They’re regularly featured in the wedding press, but what Cape Town brides may not know is that Minted ship to South Africa! Now that’s something to get excited about!Read More