Tea Party Weddings

There’s something so charming about a cup of tea, isn’t there? I’m not much of a tea (or coffee) drinker myself on a daily basis, but I live in a country where tea is a RELIGION. (Seriously. Anytime anything happens – good news, bad news, a big storyline on Eastenders – the British reaction is to boil up a cuppa. The story goes that in the advertising break immediately following Colin Firth’s shirtless emergence from a lake in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice, so many women put on the kettle that it caused a power surge.) So maybe it’s the comfort, or the prim Britishness of it, or the fact that in a Starbucks kinda world there’s something incredibly pretty and nostalgic about a porcelain cup and saucer. Or maybe it’s the sense of occasion that a tea party creates, or the way it harks back to our childhoods and to stories like Alice in Wonderland. Whatever the reason, the tea party as a theme is big news in weddings and bridal showers right now. It fits beautifully into the vintage trend, whether it be a glamorous 1920s-style high tea or a 1940s tea dance, or just a collection of lovely cups and saucers as part of the decor. An afternoon tea and cake reception can be a great way of saving money, and setting up a tea bar and serving Ritz-style finger sandwiches and scones can be a fun way to amuse guests during cocktail hour and make the most of a dessert bar. Plus, tea parties make great bridal showers. But where to start with decor? Here are some of my recent favourite images and DIYs from around the web.


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