Free Printable Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Free Printable Wedding Thank You Cards | SouthBound Bride

When the last guest has left and the tables have been cleared, there is of course only one thing left to do. Er, ok, two things (get yer mind out the gutter, will ya! ;) ). Thank you cards. Three little words to strike dread into the heart of any post-honeymoon bride. The fact is that while strictly speaking etiquette dictates that you have up to a year to send out those little notes, the sooner the better. Speaking from experience as a guest, they really are appreciated and necessary. But after all of those months of planning when all you want to do is relax into married life, they’re also a schlep. Well, here’s your solution. Not just one, but TWO different options of thank you cards from The Invitation Gallery – one classic and vintage and the other playful and modern. All you need to do is pick one, download and print it (or have it printed by your favourite print on demand service like PSPrint), attach one of your wedding pictures and get down to writing your personal notes. And there’s even an Afrikaans option for our Afrikaans brides and grooms! Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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