Mary Ann Art


You’re designing a fairytale wedding. You want your family and friends to have the best time, and you want to keep the newlywed glow alive after your wedding! So why live painting? Your painting will capture the story of your wedding in a unique piece of art, and capture your guests’ imaginations!
Let me paint your wedding live and capture your fairytale forever!
I would love to turn romantic scenes from your wedding into a cherished acrylic painting. I will paint the scene live from the sidelines of your special day, for all your guests to watch.
I have been painting since before I could spell my name, and I especially love painting from life. I would so love to work with you to create a special piece of art that captures all the emotions of your wedding. I also love doing bouquet portraits to preserve all the beauty and creativity of your wedding florals.

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+27 (0)074 461 6862

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?
I am based in Cape Town, and the beautiful landscapes of the Western Cape are a major influence on my art and my general happiness.

How did you get started in weddings?
I have painted my whole life and largely sold my work through private commissions. When I reached the age where all my friends started getting married and engaged, weddings were front of mind. I realised how much I love the creative aspects that go into any wedding, and that I could use my painting skills to make a unique contribution to the industry. I immediately directed my art towards live wedding painting and custom bouquet portraits, and the transition has been very exciting for me.

What inspires you?
I am greatly influenced by the paintings of the Impressionists. I especially love the work of Monet, Degas and Berthe Morisot.

Favourite place in South Africa?
The top of Mariepskop Mountain outside of Hoedspruit. I grew up there and I still think it has some of the most breath-taking landscapes in South Africa. I am definitely planning to do a painting up there soon.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms?
To make your wedding your own. Trust your own taste, so that when you look back you will be able to see how your personality was reflected in your wedding. Also, make sure that you value spending time with the people who are special to you above everything else on the day. No one will remember the small slip ups, they will be remembering how much fun they had with the two of you.
Also, if it was me, I’d definitely take some intensive dance lessons, but that’s because I have two left feet. All my co-ordination obviously went into my hands! :)