Olive Leaf Accents

Sources: left – Kelly Oshiro /Jose Villa via Once Wed; right – Merci New York/Elizabeth Messina via Green Wedding Shoes

Now here’s a little trend I’ve been wanting to bring you for ages, but I can’t think of a more perfect time to do so than during the Olympics! (Back in Ancient Greece, an olive wreath was given to the winner of each event.) Olive leaves make an amazing accent for your wedding decor, especially if you’d like to introduce a Mediterranean accent. There’s something rustic but also quite clean about them, and the silvery green colour works brilliantly against most decor, but especially a clean white. This really could work for a number of different wedding styles – an outdoor afternoon lunch, a beach wedding, a rustic farm wedding, an elegant wine farm affair. Beautiful. Here are some of the ways to use olive leaves in your decor.

Olive leaves make a great accent at table settings – a simple but very stylish touch.

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They look just as good as part of centrepieces – include them in a flower arrangement, lay them along a runner, gather them in crates or long planter boxes, make a wreath candle holder, or just fill urns with olive branches for a simple but absolutely gorgeous effect.

Sources (clockwise from top left): 1 – Sylvie Gil via Once Wed; 2 – Events by Nouveau Flowers/Rae Leytham Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs; 3- Lindsay Olives; 4- Atelier Joya/Jamie Grenough via SMP; 5- Punam Bean Photography via SMP; 6- sweet paul via Design Sponge

And let’s not forget the chairs! Olive leaves make a particularly lovely and lush chair backing – much less fiddly than flowers. Make wreaths or swags, or even just small hanging sprigs. You’ll want to make sure you have lovely chairs here, otherwise this will just draw attention to shabby ones.

Sources: Top left – Chestnut and Vine/Brion Hopkins via Once Wed; bottom left – Marie Claire Idees; centre – Creation Events/Henrique Wilding from SBB; top right – Amy Kaneko Events/Gia Canali Photography via Martha Stewart; bottom right – The Naked Florist/Simply Bloom Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

I’m a fan of olive leaf, and even I was surprised by just what a versatile and beautiful bouquet accent olive leaves are. Just look at these incredible bouquets! You can even have a bouquet made just of olive leaves (top far right) and it looks wonderful!

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Your cake can also get in on the olive leaf action – the leaves make a really attractive accent for a plain white cake. If you’re having a rustic wedding (even if you’re not using olive leaves elsewhere), this is a great option. Add a bit of lavender for extra loveliness.

Sources: 1- Amy and Stuart Photography via Brides; 2- Beth Helmstetter Events/Steve Steinhardt via SMP; 3- Sweet and Saucy Shop; 4- Chic Ambiance Events/Meg Perotti Photographer via SMP

Olive accents make the loveliest stationery! And I love the cheeky olive oil label-inspired invitation!

Sources (clockwise from top left): 1- Artcadia; 2- Le Frufru /Cinzia Bruschini via Elizabeth Anne Designs; 3- Brian Kroeker; 4- Ginger Designs; 5- Wine Country Occasions; 6- Ruby and Willow

Me oh my, but the hanging olive wreath has me enchanted. And don’t you think these candleholders with olive leaves are just the prettiest touch? I also love the olive ‘chandelier’, and the way olive branches have been wound around the canopy sides. Such simple ideas, but they really add that something extra.

Sources: Hanging olive wreath – Le Frufru /Cinzia Bruschini via Elizabeth Anne Designs; candle holders with olive leaves – Unscene, Inc./Amy & Stuart via Snippet & Ink; olive ‘chandelier’ – Vogue; canopy with olive leaf decoration – Nicole Paulson Photography/Shannon Leahy Events via SMP


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