Boho Beach Wedding at Canelands Beach Club by Andy & Szerdi Photography

A couple of years ago, for my mama’s birthday, we decided to have a day of girly spa fun. We stumbled across the perfect place, which is how I came to find Canelands Beach Club in Salt Rock for the first time. And not only was it an awesome spot for some mother daughter lunching and a massage, but I kept thinking that the patio looking out over the ocean with its beautiful infinity pool and simple, elegant furnishings, was a perfect spot for an intimate wedding reception. Well, I was right. Tanya and Mike, our fab couple today, turned that same thought into a reality themselves, with the most gorgeous reception right on the sands. And for good measure, they added a bunch of seriously adorable DIY and handmade details that really expressed who they are as a couple, from the ceramic skull favours (to remind their friends and family to give life horns – how cute is that?) to the custom beach bar and champagne station. And let’s not forget one of Tanya’s smartest ideas of all – her bridesmaids’ ‘bouquet’s, which doubled up as floral crowns! This whole wedding is beach boho joy and loveliness from beginning to end, and I’m so thrilled to be sharing Andy & Szerdi Photography‘s images with you today!

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