Wedding Trends Reloaded

Here at SouthBound Bride, I love bringing you all the latest trends. As you know, I believe that each wedding should be an expression of a couple’s unique style and personality, but it doesn’t hurt to get a sense of the ideas that are floating around out there. Eventually, those ideas can get a little repetitive. And while in some ways that doesn’t matter (remember that most of your guests don’t sit on wedding blogs all day and won’t have seen it before), it can be fun to consider fresh twists and new options. So here are eight of my top alternatives for creating your favourite effects.
Here’s my disclaimer: I’ve loved and promoted all of the ‘old’ ideas here, and I’m nobody’s fashion police. So if you love something, you DO IT. This is just about being creative and exploring other avenues along the way!

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Real Life Bride #5: The Cake

The wedding cake, that delectable little something to perfectly finish off a lovely wedding that captivates your guests taste buds, has to be an important decision in the wedding planning process!

Well our wedding cake is somewhat of a special cake, as you see one of my extremely talented bridesmaids is turning into multi-tasker extraordinaire and not only being part of my gorgeous entourage, but she will be creating mini wedding cake heaven in the form of beautiful and out of this world tasty tiered cupcakes!

Karen or as we like to call her ‘Lady K’ is a super talented baker (when she isn’t busy working her day job),whose cupcakes are simply amazing. So when she found out we were engaged and planning our big day, she very kindly offered to create our wedding cake! How amazing to have people we care about be part of our wedding in this way. :)

Cotton & Crumbs via Enchanted Dream Weddings

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