Gelieft: Let’s Toast to Dutch Extravagance

You guys. Ok, so you know the thing I love showing you most here on Cap Classique is pretty weddings but next to that, my favourite thing is sharing other kinds of wedding-related loveliness. And two people who know about loveliness are Teresa and Stephen from Gelieft. The minute we started chatting, I knew that we would be on the same wavelength, and you know how I knew? Because a bevy of the brides I’ve featured on this blog have had their dresses made by Gelieft. Brides whose weddings also happen to be some of my favourites, which in my book makes them ladies with excellent taste, right down to the last detail. Or in this case, the first detail. The dress. Dresses that stuck in my mind, and that probably will have stuck in yours too. Like I say, Teresa and Stephen know about loveliness. Now the thing that’s hard to believe is that they’ve only been going for a single year! And to celebrate their business birthday, Gelieft collaborated with Marcelle Smith of The Toast Enterprise for a gorgeous real bride shoot at Cape venue Eben-haëzer Estate near Paarl (regular readers, look out for those familiar faces!). I’ll let them tell you a bit more about it…Read More

Real Wedding at Beloftebos {Melissa & Arnold}

When I started looking around for weddings to celebrate my one year blogiversary with, I must admit, I wasn’t sure which way to go. I mean, frankly, every single wedding I feature has an ooh moment for me, a special something that takes my breath away. Which is why, after all, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this blog over the last year. And every single wedding is joyful and special and celebratory. And there are sooooo many fabulous photographers whose work I love to showcase. Then, one afternoon, I got a heads up from one of those fabulous photographers about a very special wedding on a colleague’s blog. I was on a train, and the internet loading the page on my phone was maddeningly slow (seriously, what is that, satellites? Can you not beam back to earth fast enough for me?). MADDENING, because as soon as I saw one picture I wanted to devour them all. This really was something ranking very high in the awesome department – a wedding based on a carnival theme, with rock ‘n roll details and a dress (oh, that dress!) that had me zipping straight over to my inbox and begging for a feature. And then, when it all started coming together, realising that it would be perfect for today. And here we are. Ta Da! People, I’m EXCITED. So I’ll let you get to it, with a big thank you to the bride (Melissa Van Zyl, who is also an awesome photographer!) and groom, and the fabulous Carmen Visser who nailed every one of these shots, and the fab Jaco of Just Jack, who co-ordinated this shindig. You are all rockstars. Now, it’s after 5pm, so break out the champers and start the party. I know I will be!

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