1950s Diner-style Engagement

Well goodness gracious great balls of fire, do we have a bit of retro fun to share with you this afternoon! I love it when a couple is playful with their e-shoot, and even better if they find an awesome location to inspire. For Zerina and Hano, that location was On a Roll, a gourmet hotdog restaurant in Cape Town with a 1950s diner vibe. The couple decided to dress up accordingly, sharing some happy moments while photographer Carmen Visser snapped away, resulting in a set of colourful, fun pics that I’m so happy to share with you today. And, since it’s their wedding this coming weekend, to wish them a wonderful celebration! (Oh, and PS – On a Roll do food vans, which I think would make an AWESOME wedding snack!) Read More

Real Wedding at 401 Rozendal {Lisa & Michael}

You guys, I am SO EXCITED about this wedding. The minute I saw it on our friend Carmen Visser‘s blog, I mailed asking if we could feature it – our first traditional Zulu wedding. Lisa and Michael are based in New York, but for their wedding, Lisa wanted to celebrate her Zulu heritage back in South Africa. I absolutely adore her traditional wedding style and protea bouquet and flower arrangements, as well as the way that venue 401 Rosendal was decorated in stylish African chic to suit the occasion. What a special day for Lisa and her family, and for all the guests who came over from the US for a truly memorable occasion. We’re so lucky to have such a rich and diverse cultural heritage in South Africa, and for me as a South African wedding blogger, it’s a pleasure to be able to showcase that in its variety. So here we go – get ready for colour and exuberance and meaning and so much fun.Read More

Real Farm Wedding {Mariaan & Johnnie}

They say when you know you know, and that must have been true for Johnny, who first fell for Mariaan when they were children! So cute. This pair of barefoot farm kids grew up to be free-spirited adults, and threw a laid back country wedding that had a touch of carnival celebration. I LOVE that they used what they had, and this turned into fruit on the tables instead of flowers (Johnnie is in the fruit business), barrows and crates full of fynbos, and what is without doubt my favourite bar of all time. I also love the boho flowergirls and the little pageboys in top hats! The relaxed vibe was perfectly captured by Carmen Visser, who’s been kind enough to share her beautiful pictures with us today. A farm wedding is actually super appropriate for me today, since I’ll be spending it styling a special inspiration shoot in a farm setting – hold thumbs for me that we get some unseasonably fine weather!Read More

Real Wedding at La Vierge {Jo & Tim}

Oh my heart is so full, blogging these pictures! You all may remember that when I relaunched the blog this May I was on an extended stint in South Africa, where I attended no less than four weddings, and this was the first. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to share it with you all today! Jo is a dear friend of mine from varsity, who for a few years moved herself out to Canada. Now, I like Canadians, but I’m pretty glad that they didn’t manage to steal Jo away from us, because she’s not only one of my favourite people, but she’s now putting her considerable talents to work doing awesome things for education in South Africa. One souvenir she did manage to bring home from oot north is the lovely Tim. You know how sometimes when you meet a friend’s boyfriend and you’re just like, oh okay, this makes sense? Well, that’s Tim and Jo. He settled into our group of friends like he’d always been part of it, he made Jo super happy, and we were absolutely thrilled when the two of them (eventually!) decided to make it official, not least because it gave all of us the excuse to reunite in Hermanus for the first time in forever. Our group flew in from as far as Singapore and Sydney and rented three adjoining houses for three days. It was the BEST time. And we weren’t the only ones who trekked to be there – with so many people coming from all over the world, there was an awesome sense of celebration all weekend and a chance to make new memories as well as rehash the old ones.Read More

Real Wedding at Beloftebos {Melissa & Arnold}

When I started looking around for weddings to celebrate my one year blogiversary with, I must admit, I wasn’t sure which way to go. I mean, frankly, every single wedding I feature has an ooh moment for me, a special something that takes my breath away. Which is why, after all, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this blog over the last year. And every single wedding is joyful and special and celebratory. And there are sooooo many fabulous photographers whose work I love to showcase. Then, one afternoon, I got a heads up from one of those fabulous photographers about a very special wedding on a colleague’s blog. I was on a train, and the internet loading the page on my phone was maddeningly slow (seriously, what is that, satellites? Can you not beam back to earth fast enough for me?). MADDENING, because as soon as I saw one picture I wanted to devour them all. This really was something ranking very high in the awesome department – a wedding based on a carnival theme, with rock ‘n roll details and a dress (oh, that dress!) that had me zipping straight over to my inbox and begging for a feature. And then, when it all started coming together, realising that it would be perfect for today. And here we are. Ta Da! People, I’m EXCITED. So I’ll let you get to it, with a big thank you to the bride (Melissa Van Zyl, who is also an awesome photographer!) and groom, and the fabulous Carmen Visser who nailed every one of these shots, and the fab Jaco of Just Jack, who co-ordinated this shindig. You are all rockstars. Now, it’s after 5pm, so break out the champers and start the party. I know I will be!

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