Real Wedding at La Vierge {Jo & Tim}

Oh my heart is so full, blogging these pictures! You all may remember that when I relaunched the blog this May I was on an extended stint in South Africa, where I attended no less than four weddings, and this was the first. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to share it with you all today! Jo is a dear friend of mine from varsity, who for a few years moved herself out to Canada. Now, I like Canadians, but I’m pretty glad that they didn’t manage to steal Jo away from us, because she’s not only one of my favourite people, but she’s now putting her considerable talents to work doing awesome things for education in South Africa. One souvenir she did manage to bring home from oot north is the lovely Tim. You know how sometimes when you meet a friend’s boyfriend and you’re just like, oh okay, this makes sense? Well, that’s Tim and Jo. He settled into our group of friends like he’d always been part of it, he made Jo super happy, and we were absolutely thrilled when the two of them (eventually!) decided to make it official, not least because it gave all of us the excuse to reunite in Hermanus for the first time in forever. Our group flew in from as far as Singapore and Sydney and rented three adjoining houses for three days. It was the BEST time. And we weren’t the only ones who trekked to be there – with so many people coming from all over the world, there was an awesome sense of celebration all weekend and a chance to make new memories as well as rehash the old ones.Read More