Rock (‘n Roll) The Frock Styled Bridal Portrait

Am I ever glad to see Friday – it’s not been my favourite week, and I’m very glad the weekend is finally here. Especially since I’ll be working on the posts for next week’s SUPER exciting reveal of the styled shoot finalists. Wait until you see them! But first, we have a styled shoot of a very different kind. I love the creativity that Debbie Lourens always brings to her styled bridal portraits, and today’s is for a statement modern bride (with a bit of a love for retro). Together with Marnel Toerien on hair and makeup, she channeled her love of the ’80s into a funky rock the frock (literally!) session full of vinyl, glitter and alternative bridal style. Gorge.Read More

A Little Bit Boho, A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll…

Morning lovelies! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday – this week has just been insane. But we’re making up for it with a double dose of awesome today. Starting with this absolutely gorgeous styled shoot from some of my absolute favourite suppliers. We hear a lot in the industry about ‘alternative’ brides – I am totally behind people making their wedding style reflect their personalities, but sometimes I wonder if these ‘alternative’ weddings are getting a little cookie cutter in their own way. That’s one of the reasons I loved this glam rock styled shoot – it’s genuinely different But (and yes, that is But with a capital B) totally elegant. The couple and their stylish crew, sitting down for an intimate reception at a lavish gilded table. The bride’s huge statement bouquets. The DRESS (and who knew sequins went so well with leather?). It’s the Kate Moss or Russell Brand of styled shoots: beautiful, but with an edge. And even though I know most of you won’t necessarily take the entire look on board, you’ll find tons of inspiration for glitzing up your own winelands venue (how stunning is Langverwagt?) or mixing and matching colours and textures and styles, or adopting some high fashion styling for you and/or your bridal party. The photographic glory here goes to Lauren Kriedemann, with styling by Karien Belle, Paradiso and the talented Theresa of Creation Events, a long-time friend of SBB! Enjoy!Read More

1950s Diner-style Engagement

Well goodness gracious great balls of fire, do we have a bit of retro fun to share with you this afternoon! I love it when a couple is playful with their e-shoot, and even better if they find an awesome location to inspire. For Zerina and Hano, that location was On a Roll, a gourmet hotdog restaurant in Cape Town with a 1950s diner vibe. The couple decided to dress up accordingly, sharing some happy moments while photographer Carmen Visser snapped away, resulting in a set of colourful, fun pics that I’m so happy to share with you today. And, since it’s their wedding this coming weekend, to wish them a wonderful celebration! (Oh, and PS – On a Roll do food vans, which I think would make an AWESOME wedding snack!) Read More