Tropical Brights Wedding Inspiration

Afternoon, lovelies! We’re continuing our month of tropical inspiration today with a gorgeous shoot by US-based team (led by photographer Krista A. Jones and stylist Bustle Events), incorporating bright colours and cool cocktails – basically everything a tropical celebration should be. I just loved the incorporation of bougainvillea (as you might have noticed, it’s a favourite of mine!), the sunny popsicles, and the neon colours contrasting with black and white graphic stationery. A breakout area strewn with pretty pillows is the perfect place for guests to chill, and let’s not forget the gorgeous bride with her natural hair and wild sprays of tropical blooms. Whether you’re getting married on Hawaiian shores or planning something local, there’s plenty here to inspire the modern bride.

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A Little Bit Boho, A Little Bit Rock ‘n Roll…

Morning lovelies! Sorry about the lack of post yesterday – this week has just been insane. But we’re making up for it with a double dose of awesome today. Starting with this absolutely gorgeous styled shoot from some of my absolute favourite suppliers. We hear a lot in the industry about ‘alternative’ brides – I am totally behind people making their wedding style reflect their personalities, but sometimes I wonder if these ‘alternative’ weddings are getting a little cookie cutter in their own way. That’s one of the reasons I loved this glam rock styled shoot – it’s genuinely different But (and yes, that is But with a capital B) totally elegant. The couple and their stylish crew, sitting down for an intimate reception at a lavish gilded table. The bride’s huge statement bouquets. The DRESS (and who knew sequins went so well with leather?). It’s the Kate Moss or Russell Brand of styled shoots: beautiful, but with an edge. And even though I know most of you won’t necessarily take the entire look on board, you’ll find tons of inspiration for glitzing up your own winelands venue (how stunning is Langverwagt?) or mixing and matching colours and textures and styles, or adopting some high fashion styling for you and/or your bridal party. The photographic glory here goes to Lauren Kriedemann, with styling by Karien Belle, Paradiso and the talented Theresa of Creation Events, a long-time friend of SBB! Enjoy!Read More

Real Wedding at The Farmhouse Hotel {Leigh & Andrew}

Sometimes weddings are like London buses – I went for ages without a lovely beach wedding to share, and now I have two in a row! Well, no complaints from me, as I absolutely adore a toes-in-the-sand, head-in-the-clouds, chilled out beach do and today’s wedding is one of the most chilled I have ever come across. And you guys, an ombre wedding dress. Seriously, I LOVE. Leigh and Andrew are the picture of Cape Town surfey gorgeousness, and their love story had so much to do with Langebaan that they couldn’t help but decide to get married in this special seaside town. They chose a super fun palette of turquoise with a pop of colour-of-the-moment neon, which not only worked with their wedding style but reflected their complementary personalities. My dear friend Monica Dart was there as the photographer, to capture all the life and movement and colour, as only she can. What a lovely wedding.Read More

Inspiration Board: Neon Brights

Today’s board is one I never in a million years would have thought I’d be doing. Neon. You know when neon was last cool? About 1991. In 1991, I had just started high school, and my dear mom hadn’t yet taught me that those of us cursed with curly hair could sort it out with a hairdryer (straighteners wouldn’t even be invented for another half a decade – God, I’m old); so on a good day, I looked a bit like Baby in Dirty Dancing and on a bad day, like Sideshow Bob. Which is appropriate, because I was also doing the Bartman, dressing in little minis we referred to as ‘Roxette dresses’, listening to Technotronic and perving over Richard Snell. Who was a cricketer. Happily, I can tell you I haven’t done any of those things since 1992 (sorry, Richard, wherever you are). And yet, here I am, reviving neon. Well, okay, I am not the one who’s revived it. Blame Fashion, because neon is definitely back. And I’ve surprised myself by liking some of the neon inspiration that’s been popping up in Wedding World recently, so I thought I would challenge myself to see if I could imagine it into a wedding. Result? I’m a convert. I think the key (as always) is a bit of moderation – neons look amazing when they stand out against a very white white, and bold mod graphic elements like black and white stripes or gold. It takes them from 80s throwback to Kate Spadey chic, and actually makes for a very stylish palette. The other thing I liked was the use of all the four acids – green, orange, pink and yellow – somehow bringing all four of them into the mix works better for me than just one or two. Put your bridesmaids in bold stripes with bright shoes and nail polish, invest in great stationery and unexpected, colourful flowers, use some bold graphic elements on your tables and then… leave everything else clean, bright and white. Perfect for a fun, city-chic wedding, and ideal with a short 1960s-style dress. So, what do you think? Would you ever consider neon for your wedding?

Colours: Neon orange, yellow, green & pink and white

Top row (l-r): Place setting {S: A Styled Fete; P: Carly Jones; Printables: Anders Ruff}; neon letterpress invitation {Ladyfingers Letterpress}; popcorn bags {S: A Styled Fete; P: Carly Jones; Printables: Anders Ruff}
Row 2: Macaroons {S: A Styled Fete; P: Carly Jones}; funfetti cake {found via b.loved}; bride & groom with LOVE sign {Sweet Tea Photography}
Row 3: Gold balloons {S: Somewhere Splendid; P: Canary Grey Photography}; badges {Wedding in a Teacup}; neon bouquet {S: Pretty Little Details; P: Sarah Postma Photography}

Inspiration Board: Neon Brights | SouthBound Bride