Honeymoon Inspiration: Top 10 Super Romantic Tables-for-Two

Time for some honeymoon inspiration! I don’t know about you guys, but I love looking at far off places and luxury destinations and imagining myself chilling out there in my next life as Mrs George Clooney. It’s been a while since I travelled, and I am definitely getting itchy feet! Of course, a honeymoon isn’t so much about exploring and adventure as it is about togetherness, and I can’t think of anything more romantic than a private table for two with one of the world’s best views, just taking in the scenery, enjoying delicious food and wine, and revelling in the company of your favourite person on earth. In amongst the wedding planning, it’s good to take a moment to be inspired by those moments of togetherness, not to mention the gorgeousness that the world has to offer, so I’ve rounded up ten of the ultimate romantic dinner spots, just for you! Feel free to print ’em out, circle your favourite and put it on the fridge to inspire your sweetie in his honeymoon planning…

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Real Wedding at Eureka {Mark & Claudette}

Many many years ago, I happened to watch an old film on TV about two teenagers who fall in love and decide that to stay together, they have to follow the tradition of kissing under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. I think I’ve loved the city ever since, even though both times I’ve been there with a boyfriend have been less than successful. Meh. Third time lucky, eh? I must be the only one though, because Venice is always filled with lovers, and something about a place built entirely on water seems to make the air thick with romance and possibility. Which is probably why today’s groom decided to do the grand proposal gesture on the Grand Canal, getting down on one knee on the famous Rialto Bridge. What followed was a Venetian-themed wedding, with the gilt and colour of the Carnevale but none of the cheese. I think it’s the perfect example of how you can pull off a theme on a budget, by using good design basics like a lovely colour palette and a cohesive stationery suite, and I love how personal this particular theme is to the couple (I bet there’ll be some anniversaries spent in Venice too!) SBB friends Art Photo were there to capture all the loveliness on the day.Read More

Inspiration Board: Midnight in Venice

Good morning friends! I won’t ask how your weekend was, because if you’re South African (or English, or Irish, or Argentinian indeed), I’m guessing at least part of it was pretty depressing. I won’t start talking about the rugby, because then I’ll get all mad again and have to go out for another punishing run like I did at 7.30am yesterday so that I didn’t wake my housemates up walking around the house banging things and cursing. BOO. To cheer me up, I’ve let my mind wander away on one of my favourite fantasy journeys. I love Venice, and I’ve been with two separate boyfriends (neither of whom bothered to take me on a gondola ride, pff), but I have always wanted to go during Carnavale. It’s so different to other carnivals – the cold weather for one, the masks, the intrigue, mist rising off the canals… Combine that with a pastel blue/green that’s very of the moment and a bit of sparkle, and I think you have a gorgeous wedding inspiration! Sigh. One day…

{Psssst! Don’t forget to come back later to meet our fab new real life bride! I love proposal stories. :) }

Colours: Soft aquamarine, pewter and gold

Top row (l-r): Girl with mask (Heather Louise Photography); dresses; pale aqua gown (I can’t find my source for this anywhere – please help if you know!)
Row 2: Venice; girl with mask (Aleksandra Marjanovic)