August on SBB…

Well, lovelies, it’s almost time for me to say goodbye for a little while, kind of (because just LOOK at a sneak peek of what’s coming – you won’t even know I’m gone!). I know things have been quiet this week, as I have been packing up my house, but the ironic thing is that the reason I hadn’t got round to it before is that for the last six weeks I have been working non-stop on August’s content. A lot of late nights y’all. Because I’m a total sucker for punishment (and I love my readers), I didn’t just want to give you a month of archive and stand-in posts, but the best darn two-posts-a-day brand new awesome content I could find. I am pretty excited about it, actually. It’s all lined up and ready to go (assuming tech gremlins don’t take it out, but I have some help making sure that doesn’t happen – thanks Louise!). I hope you love it. I hope you have a WONDERFUL August. And I hope you don’t email me, because I am going to be 100% off the grid, and I won’t answer you. Sorry. Don’t take it personally. I’ll be somewhere on a vineyard in Tuscany, getting dirt under my fingernails and poetry back into my soul. I really, really need a break. And by the time I’m back I’ll be aching to bring you all kinds of new loveliness and get cracking on some projects I have in mind for when I am in South Africa. Can’t wait.

So! Wish me luck, and I’ll see you in a month. :)



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