Boho Aisle Style

One wedding detail that often gets overlooked in styling articles is the ceremony – but as we all know, that’s the most important part of your day! And while the most important part OF that most important part is obviously the words you’ll say and the way you’ll feel and the people who’ll be there, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little attention to planning a beautiful ceremony area that befits your wedding style and where you can create the perfect backdrop to the most romantic moment of your lives. As it happens, boho brides and grooms have been doing ceremony styling particularly well, so I just had to round up 20 of my absolute favourite boho ceremony areas to inspire you this afternoon!Read More

SouthBound’s Best 2013: Aisle & Ceremony Decor

So often when we think wedding decor we’re thinking about the reception, but today’s Best of 2013 post is all about the ceremony. Now don’t get me wrong – the most important thing happening at the ceremony IS the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean that (especially if you’re not getting married in a church) you can’t enjoy some creative licence in making it look like a fairytale. That’s just what some of our brides and grooms did this year, turning ordinary spaces into very special ones. Here they are, all in one place, to inspire!

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Styling the Aisle

First of all, can I just say one thing (in my other life, I’m a book editor; I need to get this out of my system, because I see it on wedding blogs – even the big ones – every day). It’s not an isle. That’s an island, aka a piece of land surrounded by water, aka no man is one, aka tropical the island breeze all of nature wild and free. It’s an aisle, folks. And that is what you’ll be walking down or up or whatever in the not too distant future. Just had to put that out there. Now here’s the thing about the aisle. It’s not a huge part of your wedding decor, it doesn’t mean that much to your guests, and whatever you do to it, I’d bet on your guy not even really noticing as long as you show up at the end of it. So if the budget is tight, you can pretty much leave it as it is, or go with the traditional flowers on every other pew. Nothing wrong with that. But the aisle is also a view that is unique to you (okay, and your dad and your bridesmaids), and it’s the place you are going to see your husband-to-be’s face as he watches you walk towards him. So it’s already going to be romantic. But if you’re creative, it could be the most romantic view you ever have. Think Twilight. Or think: this.

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