Romantic Modern Wedding Inspiration from Aisle Society

Happy Monday, lovelies! And it is indeed a happy Monday for me, because today I get to share something that’s really close to my heart and which, as I come up to the six year anniversary of founding SBB, has me feeling ever so proud and excited for the future! Over the last months, you’ve heard me mention Aisle Society, and you may remember that a couple of months ago I was lucky enough to go and hang out with my fellow Aisle Society bloggers in the Bahamas (more on that soon!), but you may have been wondering exactly what IS this new website? Is it just a new wedding blog? Well, the answer to that is no – Aisle Society is actually a curation of more than 30 of the world’s best wedding bloggers’ content, updated daily. Think of it as a hub – a place to go and find any kind of inspiration your wedding-loving heart desires, and then ultimately follow that link and see more of the things that inspire you. The AS bloggers come from all over, and we cover a huge range of different niches, from fashion-based inspiration to location or wedding style. And because the content’s already been featured on our own sites, you know it’s quality. Like the cream of Pinterest. Plus, you get to curate your own feed – not have it dictated to you by the kind of algorithms that everyone from Facebook to Instagram now employs. You can add certain bloggers or themes or colours or whatever you like to ‘your society’ and then, when you find a supplier that you love, not only find their information right there, but you can also make an enquiry. It’s awesome, and this afternoon I’m going to be giving you some practical step by step advice on how to plan your wedding using AS, but first, I wanted to share some gorgeous inspiration (because that’s what we’re here for, of course!). This is the Aisle Society brand shoot, created by two of the amazing founder members, Lauren of Every Last Detail and Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs, and a brilliant, beautiful team of creatives and models. I’m also delighted to be featuring Alexis June Weddings, whose photography I have loved from afar since, like, ever, and who I got to hang out with in the Bahamas as well. SO – enough from me. Let’s get our swoon on, shall we?

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