Romantic Australian Engagement Shoot

South Africans. We’re everywhere. And I don’t just mean where I live in South West London, where we basically run rampant, talking Afrikaans on the tube and buying biltong and Fritos from the corner shop. I mean that, in my experience, you can go to the most random place in the world and discover a South African connection. Walk down just about any street, and hear someone say ja. Sssh, but I think we’re secretly taking over the world. Take today’s engagement shoot, which is, by the way, ADORABLE.  It took place in sunny Australia and the bride-to-be (Lili) is an Aussie but the groom (Brad) is from Cape Town. And that’s not where the Saffaness ends, because the photographer, Courtney Gold, just happens to be an Aussie marrying a South African as well. In fact, they’re getting married in Cape Town next year, and found their venue, photographer, florist and makeup artist right here on SBB. YAY. I just looooove these shots – they’re laid back and natural but styled to a tee. Love the Notebook feel of the first pics, and Lili’s super cute outfits and accessories. And Courtney’s captured the light so perfectly – I could just eat it with a spoon! Big thanks to all of you for sharing, and good luck in planning your weddings!

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