How to Create a Winning Submission for SouthBound Bride

A smiley moment with my fab EdWed ladies, Anneli & Louise (pic: Maxeen Kim)

It’s FRIDAY! But before I bring you some bridey inspiration (and boy oh boy, will you love the inspiration I have today), I wanted to do a post for my fellow industry peeps, specifically photographers and co-ordinators, and even fellow bloggers. As you may remember, this week saw the first ever Editorial Wedding Workshop at the fab Cannizaro House, a new venture I put together with photographer Anneli Marinovich and stylist and blogger Louise of b.loved. It’s always a bit scary to do something new, and I must admit that since I was handling all the morning’s teaching, I was a little terrified I would just bore all the students to death. Fortunately, it seems we all pulled it off – one of our lovely students Charlie has already written a lovely post about her day, and feedback from the rest of the class was just as nice. *blushes* We have more workshops in the pipeline (and psst… not just in the UK) but in the meantime, I thought I would tell you a bit of what the day was all about. The Editorial Wedding is all about getting published (both in print and online), publishing and submitting effectively, building relationships and personal branding, and learning to shoot in an editorial way to give yourself the best chance of success. Every day (and I really do mean every day) I see photographers and other suppliers make basic mistakes that mean their work doesn’t get featured, or missed opportunities to promote their businesses effectively. I’m a huge believer in sharing the knowledge I have gained with others (each one teach one, as Miranda Bailey would say), so I thought it was about time I went into a bit more detail about what makes a winning blog submission, with particular reference to SBB. And shared some of the Instagram pics from the day with you as well!Read More