Branco Prata Love Shoot

Sometimes it amazes me that I’ve been working in this little wedding blog industry for three years now. I remember when I started, and I would go on Twitter, and all these other bloggers would be chatting away like the cheerleaders at the cool table. But it turned out, that unlike every John Hughes movie I ever saw, these particular cool kids were more than happy to let me ‘sit’ with them, and in no time I found myself making friends. Some I have been lucky enough to meet in person (or even just by phone) since then, others not yet, but as I have watched this little community of talented people rise to great heights and become significant industry names, I feel so proud of them. Plus, I get such a kick out of having these industry friends all over the world. Sofia from Branco Prata was one of the first I started following, and since then it has been such a pleasure to see the wedding business she has built with her partner Andre (he does the photography, she does the flowers & styling) thrive, both in their home country of Portugal and overseas. I never fail to be seduced by their gorgeous work (check out, for example, this dreamy e-shoot and this fab invitation download Sofia did especially for SBB). But today, Sofia and Andre are on the other side of the lens, courtesy of the awesome Anneli Marinovich, who caught up with the pair on a recent trip to Portugal. No props, no gimmicks, just golden hour on golden sands, and a whole lot of love. :) Read More

Dreamy Park Engagement Shoot

I am thrilled about this post, you guys! Thrilled, with a capital TH. One of the sheer pleasures I have in working in this wedding industry, apart from connecting brides and vendors, and hearing and telling your stories, is to work with photographers who take my breath away. Many of them are in South Africa, but today I’m featuring the work of a Portuguese duo who have not only wowed me with their collective styling and photographic genius, but have become dear online friends as well (hopefully to be realised in real life too, one day!). Andre and Sofia from Branco Prata are just the king and queen of ┬áromantic, dreamy pics, and I can’t believe my luck that they’ve agreed to share some of that with you all today. You know, I love a shoot with props, but this little e-session shows that with the right photographer, even a simple stroll through a park can result in some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Seriously, I could have shared dozens with you – it was so hard to choose! But here are my favourites of the lovely Patricia and Andre, a doctor and nurse who were married in a beautiful wedding in Porto in June. Andre and Sofia – thank you so much for gracing these pages with your loveliness! It’s always such a pleasure working with you! (Psst! You can see more of this exquisite e-sesh right here.)Read More