Real Wedding at Diemerskraal {Diné & Nick}

Smell that, folks? Yep, it smells like freedom. The freedom of a long weekend, and I’ll tell you a little secret, mine has already started. Started last night, in fact, with wine and cupcakes at Altar-ed, a fab little event organised here in London by OMG I’m Getting Married and Forever and Ever Events (thanks, ladies!). Which is, obviously, the best way to start a long weekend. Prettiness always is. So allow me to do the same for you, by providing you with your own dose of prettiness courtesy of this wedding at Diemerskraal. I have been DYING to share it for weeks, and I am so excited that the moment has finally arrived! Where do I start? The buttons, maybe my favourite little touch? The bunting? The supercool invitations? The OMG they actually WILL wear them again bridesmaids dresses? The fact that the venue is an aircraft hangar? Actually, it’s all of it together, tied up in a perfect little bow by Stephan Marais, who took these gorgeous pictures. To me, it strikes the perfect balance between contemporary, classic and cheeky, and I absolutely LOVE it! So enjoy. And if I don’t see you here tomorrow (even though you totally should pop in, because we have another loooovely wedding!), have the best Easter weekend!Read More