Pantone Spring 2014 Colour Report

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today we’re continuing our celebration of the new Pantone colour report with even more fresh inspiration. The great thing about these reports isn’t that anyone expects brides to slavishly follow the new colours or feel like the ones they already have are ‘out’. But it’s a chance to take a fresh look at the colours you’re using, play with new combinations if you haven’t chosen a palette yet. But best of all, it’s an insight into the colours that are coming into homeware and fashion. Why should that matter? Well, as anyone who tried to find coral bridesmaid dresses three years ago will tell you, it does. When Emerald first made an appearance last year, I’d only seen it on celebrities – this year I have been spoilt for emerald images and bridesmaid dress options – even wedding dresses. So picking one or more of these colours might make your life easier if you’re planning a wedding in the next year. So those are the practical aspects. But for today, we’re just going to enjoy the colours. I really love this year’s choices – they’re not far off what we’ve seen before, but a bit more matte or with a bit more depth, or a bit lighter. Pastel blue and green are a big trend for 2014 in my view, and Hemlock and Placid Blue are perfect for that. The neutrals are also lovely – Paloma and Sand – just with a bit of warmth for grey and taupe shades. There are two very pretty purples – Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid. And then some fabulous brights – Cayenne (LOVE this red), Celosia Orange and a gorgeous pop of Freesia yellow. But the colour that leads the collection is Dazzling Blue, a cousin of the blues that have been showing up for a couple of years now, that has really come of age. Get ready to see a LOT more of this one. This week we’ve already seen two full boards using the Spring 2014 colours, and there’ll be even more later today and Friday, but here I thought I would do some mini boards to inspire – which is your favourite combo?Read More