Real Wedding at Dornier Wine Estate {Marlein & Hennie}

If you look up elegance in a dictionary, you’ll find alongside a mention of grace and taste, the concept of elegance as something cleverly simple. So whichever way you define it, elegance is what today’s wedding is all about. A bride in a beautiful dress, carrying a single rose-flanked protea. Poised. Stunning. A lovely guest house for preparations. Bridesmaids in the softest shade of pink. A groom at home in his suit. A succulent boutonniere. A vineyard reception. Wooden tables. Damask. Little sprigs of brunia¬†on the napkins. Simple gifts of fudge and cigars, charmingly presented. Every detail is perfectly formed, and each has its place in the whole. It’s cleverly simple, and tasteful and graceful. It’s elegant. Which makes it the perfect match for photographer Joanne Markland, whose photographs are always pure elegance. And how much do I love, love, love the final pic in this series – the way that no matter what wedding craziness is going on around them, the bride and groom share a moment of stillness and connection. So whatever craziness the working day holds for you, take a moment for yourself here too, and enjoy.Read More