Colourful Bo-Kaap Engagement Shoot

Today I get to introduce you to three awesome people. First of all, is Cape Town photographer Charlene Schreuder. Charlene sent over this ahhhdorable engagement session, all shot in the Bo-Kaap, a fabulously colourful area of Cape Town (also known as the place¬†I landed up instead of Plumstead when the satnav on my last rental car went crazytown on me… I’m just good with¬†navigation like that). I fell in love with it, and with the couple in the pictures, who show how to absolutely rock an e-session – they’re fun, they’re playful, they’re affectionate, they’re relaxed, they’re incredibly photogenic. I guess it’s no surprise that not only are they Charlene’s dear friends, but are brilliant photographers themselves – meet Kerry and Luis of Piteira Photography in Lisbon, Portugal. (And sometimes also of Cape Town, South Africa, in case you thought our friends in Portugal had all the luck!) Every time I look at Charlene’s pictures I have a new favourite, and I know you will love them too.Read More