Real Wedding at Rockhaven {Sofia & Graeme}

The Cape’s a beautiful place, but if there was one part of it that would have to be my favourite, it’s Elgin. My cousins have a farm there, and I remember going to visit them when I was growing up, and thinking it was just the most beautiful place on earth. It’s all green valleys and apple orchards and farm stalls and now vineyards… pure heaven. So I was stoked when Marina James of Elgin Weddings & Events got in touch to submit some of their gorgeous floral and design work. Then I realised which wedding it was, and did a little happy dance, because I’ve been wanting to feature this one for aaaaages. Not only is it at Rockhaven Farm, one of my favourite venues, and not only was it photographed by the legend that is Christine Meintjes, but it’s rustic, Mediterranean farm wedding goodness in its purest form, and I could just eat it up with a spoon. Everything is just so perfectly shabby chic and at the same time – especially with Sofia’s beautiful dress and birdcage veil – insanely sophisticated. I LOVE it. Some of my favourite stealable ideas: the herbs, the terracotta pots, the frames, the washing line ‘guest book’, and of course the fabulous cheese cake. Everything just works together so coherently, and Marina’s team did a seriously awesome job on the decor. Add in a dollop of Greek hospitality (and food!) and you have the kind of warmth and festivity that the gods themselves would be proud of. Yiamas!Read More