Beauty in Ruins Wedding Inspiration

Good morning, lovelies! How was your weekend? I spent mine nose to the groundstone – I have recently been reinvigorated by some big ideas for where to take SBB next, and have been working hard to get everything in place. So in the spirit of fresh inspiration, let’s take a peek at this styled shoot from Figure of 8, shall we? It takes its cue from the idea of ‘ruined perfection’, and fittingly look place among the ruins at Rosemary Hill, contrasting the abandoned, overgrown walls with lavish blooms and two absolutely beautiful dresses. It reminds me of that Friends episode where Ross is supposed to marry Emily in a church and finds it’s been pulled down, and then they end up using it anyway, filled with candlelight. Of course, that doesn’t end well for Emily, but whatever, the principle is there. And whatever the venue you choose for your big day, think about the elements of contrast that you can bring to your design, because as you can see, it always makes a gorgeous impact!

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