Inspiration Board: My Funny Valentine

Hello friends! And a happy Valentine’s Day to you all – hope you have a wonderful, romantic day, whatever you choose to do. And don’t forget to take a moment to remember all the other people you love, since nobody says V Day has to be only about romantic love. (For me, I’m sending out a big hug to my mom and especially dad, who has sent me a card every Valentine’s Day of my life – love you guys! xx) Anyway, we have quite a bit of V Day goodness coming to you today, and I thought I would kick it off with this little inspiration board (last time I did this, a lovely bride actually based her wedding on it!). It had to be red and white, but instead of the classic red, I thought I would go for a colour combo that’s part of the current Pantone stable – poppy red together with linen. The bright red and off-white neutral work so beautifully together, and when you add a little glow from gold, it really comes together. So here it is, folks, my little valentine to you all…

Colours: Poppy red, linen, gold

Clockwise (from top left): Cocktails {Martha Stewart}; bride with red lips {Tasha Seccombe}; Valentine menu {Cynthia Warren}; glitter dress {Monique Lhullier}; gold heart shoes {welovepictures}; poppy bouquet {Sutherland Kovach}; nude bridesmaid dresses {Elizabeth Messina}; heart macarons.