Milk Glass

Oh, hello lovely! Is pretty much what I think every time I see milk glass as part of wedding decor. Which, right now, is OFTEN. This is one of those times when being part of wedding world has kind of been an education, because a year ago I’d never even heard of milk (also called opaque) glass, let alone discovered how absolutely gorgeous it can look with a variety of different kinds of fillers from succulents and moss to lush bunches, single blooms or even candles. So what IS milk glass anyway? Well, it was first made in Venice in the 16th century and comes in a variety of colours (although white is the most popular – achieved through adding an agent like tin┬ádioxide or bone ash to the glass). It was super popular at the end of the 19th century. Collecting genuine milk glass can be a pricey business, but while nothing quite compares to the beauty of the real deal, you can achieve a gorgeous and budget-friendly alternative following one of these simple DIY tutorials.Read More